Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA)

Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) is a comprehensive system of energy medicine developed by Melaney Ryan, founder of the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (MRIAC). Melaney has translated years of investigation and experience with energy medicine into a systematic, safe, effective, and grounded program that delivers results and works as a complement to all existing methods of healthcare.

A key component to ITA energy medicine is understanding how the mind interplays with both the energetic and the physical systems. Examples of a person’s physical systems are the endocrine, the lymphatic, the respiratory, the cardiovascular, etc.; examples of a person’s energetic systems are the meridians, the chakras, the auric layers, the polarity channels, etc.  

ITA addresses the interplay of the subconscious mind (long-term memory that fuels beliefs and conditioning) within the systems by working systematically with chi (energy), and directing it in specific patterns in a predetermined sequence based on where an imbalance is presenting. The practitioner is able to activate and balance key connection points between the energetic and physical bodies. This restores a balanced flow of energy throughout the multilayered human system and activates an innate self-healing function, which promotes self-awareness and growth.  

(Descriptions provided are edited and abridged from official material of MRIAC)

Sessions are approximately 60–75 minutes.

ITA can be performed remotely (at a distance) and is just as effective as a face-to-face treatment. 

110$USD/880NOK per session. 


Emotional and spiritual benefits achieved through ITA include:

·      Balancing limiting core beliefs and conditioning patterns

·      Awakening creativity

·      Releasing grief and trauma

·      Clarity and purpose in life

·      Releasing fear

·      Awakening the connection to your higher (authentic) self

What does an ITA session look like

After a conversation addressing any concerns and intentions, the client lays, fully clothed, on a massage table; or alternatively sits upright in a chair if that is more comfortable. Light touch will be applied to specific points on the body as I move around the table initiating the sequence of movements that addresses the unique needs of the client in that moment. 

Signe is by far the most knowledgeable and amazing energy workers I have seen. Her work and results are truly amazing. Don’t expect her to have the miracle pill. You have to want change. Signe brought so many wonderful changes to my life and I’m so very grateful!
— B Hart, Perth WA

Property Clearings

The Turtle totem carries its home on its back. The health of its home influences the movement of the turtle. Whether it is our physical home or our physical body, we are best able to navigate our inner and outer worlds when we are carrying a lighter load, are clear headed, and are connected to nature.

The Turtle totem carries its home on its back. The health of its home influences the movement of the turtle. Whether it is our physical home or our physical body, we are best able to navigate our inner and outer worlds when we are carrying a lighter load, are clear headed, and are connected to nature.

A property clearing helps create a space that isn’t overwhelmed with projected thoughts and emotions, or aspects from the land such as geopathic rays. I am typically asked to do a property clearing when someone has a new home and they want a clean slate energetically from the previous owners, or if there has been a lot of construction or issues around the neighborhood or property. 

Life has a pulse and rhythm and we thrive when we find ourselves in such environments. A stagnant unused room has a certain feel to it that almost begs to be freshened up. It’s a residue from previous life circumstances, not active, but can still impact the overall feel of the space. Waiting rooms in hospitals and doctors’ offices have quite a bit of residue because most people have similar concerns, worries, and fears that bind together.  

I map a property or house by organizing impressions and sensing boundaries—much like anyone who is building an image, be it an interior designer, a landscape architect, or a builder. I know the layout of the room or the property, but it is the layering of the energetic counterpart to the physical world that I am sketching in my mind—a rudimental sketch. 

I am, I suppose, acting as a transducer, taking the energy imprint present and measuring and assessing it, and then discerning if it is creating an imbalance in the space/property’s vitality. This is essentially what an interior designer does by assessing the style of a room and what needs to be added or removed, or a gardener who clears out invasive weeds and undesirable plants to make room for a new vision and botanical expression. 

Most people have the image of a smudge bowl and a wand of sage or herb being waved about to cleanse a room, or a spritzer of essential oils. This


method has its time and place, but it will not remove geopathic rays emanating from the earth. I tend to need just my dowsing rods and clear without physically smudging—because not all homes and properties can handle the physical presence of smoke. Property clearings are energetic work that address the residents’ mental, emotional, and physical health. It is sacred work that incorporates the health and welfare of the land/Earth with that of a family or individual—the intent is to support harmony and unity above, below, and within the home. 

I charge by the hour, rather than the square foot/meter. A small house can have many layers to work through with the land and the human element and take a couple of hours, while a large sprawling home can be relatively unremarkable, energetically speaking, and take only 45 minutes. 

110$USD/880NOK per hour.

Signe performed a remote property clearing for me last year, at a time when I was using a room in our home as both an energy medicine practice as well as our children’s sitting room. Signe perfectly pinpointed the area of the house I was using and having problems with, and not only significantly shifted the energy there but also brought some things to my attention regarding both that space and other areas of the property which I hadn’t thought of. Signe’s correspondence was done with authentic compassion and a depth of understanding I wasn’t expecting. It is with much gratitude that I write these words to outline my respect for Signe and her work and my confidence in recommending her services.
— Nikki C, Australia