Testimonials are scattered throughout the site, but here are a few gathered together.

Signe entered my life when I was facing a deeply destabilizing encounter with illness and insensitive medical care. Her supportive holding, understanding, and skill were instrumental in what became a life-changing turning point. What I learned and received from her facilitated much-needed healing, but even more, a process toward becoming more authentically myself. Her skilled and empathic presence, I now recognize, contributed in significant ways to my spiritual growth and deepening since that time. I am grateful for the gifts of her presence and support.
— Pam Stockton - Houston

Spectrum Center takes pride in selecting the most skilled and most inspiring teachers and practitioners to join our staff. Signe Hovem was a shining star among us in the years that she practiced her work in Houston. Signe was widely recognized in the Houston metaphysical, spiritual and health communities for her intelligence, her heart and her ability to bring true healing and resolution to her clients and students. We could always depend on her to bring the deeper questions into clarity and honor the path of genuine curiosity to come to new answers.
— Rosa Glenn Reilly, Director Spectrum Center

I have known Signe for more than 20 years both personally and professionally and have always found her to be very wise and knowledgeable and more than a little gifted in the areas of energy and creativity. An inspired and inspiring person.
— Jo Parfitt, Holland

I experienced a soul-level awakening at Signe’s hands years ago and the effects still linger. Her words and counsel rise up in my ear on more difficult days and offer solace. That’s the power she offers—it’s yours, already inside of you—and she activates your divine gifts through use of her own. From her words to her hands and her prayers, Signe helps you to find healing, generosity, and grace in your life. Read her story and learn how you can enrich your own.
— Melanie M. Texas

A truly gifted communicator.
Signe Hovem has an extraordinary ability to help participants find the” pearl”: hidden within a phrase, a statement a message, and to bring it to the light.
With her gentle, loving and yet firm approach, Signe, accurately and skilfully enables others to bring forward the best within themselves. (Writing group collaborator.)
— Lee Lenyk, Perth WA

Signe came to clear / cleanse my house and my gosh the difference was felt immediately! I had several areas in the house and yard where I felt “sick / depressed / heavy” no matter how much smudging I did, nothing helped. Signe did and it was awesome. The new clean energy had my house and myself a bouncing ray of sunshine. Book your house clearing today!
— B. Hart, Perth WA