Signe Myers Hovem


I am an ordained Spiritual Counselor through the AIWP (Association for the Integration of the Whole Person,, having completed a three-year training program from Inward Resource Center of AIWP, in Houston, Texas.  

During the years 2003–2009, I founded and operated Sacred Solutions, a Houston-based spiritual counseling service located at The Spectrum Center, Houston, Texas. ( My private and group practice united my two passions of writing and the healing art of self-awareness. 

Varied workshops were offered during this time through Brigid’s Place, a women’s non-ecumenical spiritual outreach program at Christ Church Cathedral, and The Spectrum Center. These included: Personalizing Responsibility as a Group Vision KeeperUltimate Writer’s Workshop: Healing the Writer Within; Wordplay—Language as a Spiritual Tool; Sponge or Empath: Consciously Evolving your SensitivityIntroduction to Pendulums and other Tools of DiscernmentGuidance and Communication: Divining and Discerning; and Forget-me-not: An Introduction to Spiritual Healing

While living in Perth, Australia (2015–2018), I continued my studies in consciousness and energetic therapies at the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (MRIAC). ( These studies advanced my understanding of the human energy systems related to integrating non-duality consciousness. I am qualified in ITA Energy Medicine Tiers 1 and 2and hold full practicing membership with ITAEMA Association. 

Other items of interest: 

I have a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Colorado. I am a Colorado native who ventured east after college, working in Boston as an editorial assistant for an engineering trade magazine,Design News, until my Norwegian husband and I relocated overseas in 1990. 

I have traveled the globe with my family (husband, four children, and occasional pet), creating homes on five different continents over the last twenty years. I have volunteered in an orphanage in Azerbaijan, a hospice in Texas, and our family has actively pursued social justice in the area of special education.  


I chronicled many of my experiences and contemplations on two blogs: Winds of Change (an old Apple platform no longer live) and Every Day Beauty found at

Personal notes:

I love nature—which feels so understated and inadequate and highlights the limitations of language. These three words hold volumes of my deep reverence to the natural world. 

I love books that make me think as much as make me feel. I have many scribbled poems and half-started short stories playing in the wings of my mind. 

I play squash with a skill level that sadly doesn’t quite match my passion for the game. The same is true for golf. 

I’m inspired by anyone’s personal growth and willingness to be self-aware. 

I admire genuine generosity. 

Some of my most creative moments have been when Death has seemingly been my muse and poetry fell from my pen in equal measures to the slurry of tears and snot running down my face. 

I’m known for over-using the expression “brilliant.”  

I am an attentive listener but what I’m hearing and sensing is usually what is not being said.